What Is Semen Made Of ?

petri dish with human semenIn short, semen is the fluid produced by men that contains the spermatozoa and is ejaculated during orgasm. It is secreted by a man’s sexual glands, and is used to fertilize the ova in a woman to make her pregnant.

In men, the vast majority (around 90%) of semen is seminal plasma – this is secreted by the seminal vesicles and the prostate. The thickness of the semen is created by the mucus that is added to the mixture by the bulbourethral organs, and this substance gives the semen its unique texture.

Seminal fluids are produced in order to ensure that the spermatozoa are nourished as they move through the woman’s body. The semen is also necessary to protect the delicate sperm cells from the acidic environment of the vagina. There are also chemicals known as amines in the semen, which are necessary to protect the sperm from the woman’s immune system.

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The other purpose of the semen is to provide a medium for the sperm to swim through. It ensures that the sperm are kept mobile and together to increase their chances of fertilizing the egg when they finally arrive at the cervix.

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