Semen Taste Improvement

bitch tasting spermSome 90% of semen or cum is made up of seminal fluids, which contains sugar and proteins that are designed to provide nutrients for the sperm that make up around 1% of the total volume of the semen that a man produces when he ejaculates. The rest is made up of minerals and other nutrients as well as a certain amount of water.

Because men enjoy blow jobs, and the pleasure that this brings them they want to know what their semen actually tastes like. This is rooted in a concern for the sexual experience of their partner and the pleasure that they get from giving a blow job. Semen can taste bitter, salty, or acrid, and many women get turned on by the thought of swallowing semen in the bedroom.

Because semen is produced by the body, its flavor is affected by what a man eats and drinks, and as such it is possible to follow a diet that promotes better tasting cum.

What to do to improve semen taste?

The first thing to remember is that you should live a clean lifestyle. Avoiding alcohol, drugs such as nicotine, and junk food will help keep your body more healthy, while drinking plenty of water and eating fruit and green vegetables all help with sperm production. Fruit Juices that are higher in sugar such as pineapple, cranberry and citrus can help to make semen sweeter, while parsley and celery can both help with the taste.

It is important to think about foods that can negatively affect the taste of semen. These include fish and red meat which have a high alkaline level, while garlic and onion have a predictably negative effect on flavor.

While all these tips will help improve the taste of semen, it is also possible to eat healthily and incorporate supplements such as Horny Goat Weed, zinc oxide, L-Lysine, and L-Arginine, which can all help to increase the volume of semen that you can produce.

In addition to this, increasing the amount of fluid you drink will ensure that you maximize the amount of cum that you can shoot. When you are dehydrated there is less liquid to add to the semen, so your body will produce less.

Overall, simply being in good shape will also help with semen production because it will help with your blood circulation and this will give you a much stronger erection and orgasm, as well as facilitating sperm production at the highest levels. | Blog