Low Testosterone Levels

There is a whole family of male hormones called androgens, of which the most important and best known is testosterone. These hormones are responsible for all aspects of masculinity in all animals and people, and control all of the male sexual activity and development. In human males they create the characteristic deeper voice, body hair and large shoulders and chest. There are a number of areas of testosterone production in the body including the adrenal glands, but the main site of production of testosterone is in the testicles.

So important is testosterone to the health and well being of a man that if the levels of this hormone fall below their healthy levels, there can be very noticeable changes in the individual. Older men suffer from lower levels of testosterone due to their age, while short term reductions in the level of this hormone can also happen to younger men, and both of these have a serious impact on men.

A deficiency in testosterone has a significant effect on the most immediately obvious signs of masculinity, men who approach the andropause – the male equivalent of the menopause – often gain weight, suffer from depression and fatigue, and also experience bladder and erectile dysfunction, which can have a serious impact on overall wellbeing.

Men over 35 should have regular checks done to ensure that their testosterone levels are normal. This allows them to take action in order to correct the levels and normalize them. Excellent products such as VolumePills or Performer5 Pills are rich in zinc, which is an essential part of the male reproductive system. They also include many other natural ingredients that together will increase the production of testosterone without harming the body. If you are concerned about your levels of testosterone, then you should consider giving VolumePills or ProSolution Pills a chance – you won’t regret it.

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