Legends Behind Semen

magical powers behind semen in pagan rituals

Although traditional Christianity has looked down on sex, and on the public promotion of the sexual act as a source of pleasure, other cultures that are more enlightened have had different ideas. Within the well known Pagan and Tantric traditions, as well as in less famous traditions such as the tribal areas of Africa, and Papua New Guinea, sex is seen in a different light entirely.

In these ancient cultures, semen is viewed as a magical fluid that can augment the natural powers of other people. The semen is seen as the essence of maleness and its transference from one person to another gives great power. There are pagan rituals in which the priestess will have sexual intercourse with multiple men in order to harvest their semen in order to increase her sexual powers.

In the Tantra traditions of India, there are numerous different strands of thought that can vary from one group to the next, however the one unifying aspect of this esoteric culture is that the material universe is no more than a reflection of spiritual energy. Rites within the tradition use sex as a metaphor for creation, and revel in its pleasure as a divine gift.

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In a number of occult theories and practices, such as those written about by figures such as Samael Aun Weor and the more well known Aleister Crowley, semen is a fluid with magic powers, and these theories claimed that men should avoid ejaculation in order to retain the power of the semen that they carried around with them. The magic and power of sex were entwined with the use of semen as a symbol of creation and power.

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