Drilizen and Solidilin

When you choose a male enhancement pill or a patch, the most important thing to consider is the substances that have been used in its manufacture. With high quality pills, the substances that are used have been tested on humans, and produced to clinical standards. Extensive research is required in order to establish how effective a treatment is, and in many cases, natural products are used as these have a long history of being used to derive results in terms of increasing penis size or semen volume. ProSolution and VolumePills are both based on natural herbal ingredients, but also include other items,

There are two main ingredients that are used in the two leading penis enlargement products. Drilizen and Solidilin are natural products, although they have been given trademark names to protect the formula that is used to mix them and produce the leading enhancement products ProSolution and VolumePills.

What is Drilizen?

Drilizen is formulated to promote the dilation of blood vessels in the body by increasing the release of nitric oxide. This allows blood to flow faster in the body and creates bigger erections that last longer. Nitric oxide relaxed the muscles that control the flow of blood into the penis, and this lets the Corpora Cavernosa fill up with blood more effectively. Drilizen also promotes the production of testosterone in the body through the use of an ingredient called protodiscin.

What is Solidilin?

The other major active ingredient in these products is called Solidilin, and this is a mixture of a number of substances that have a psychological effect on the user during sex. The active ingredients in Solidilin make you more motivated towards sex and enhances the level of pleasure that you experience. Solidilin contains L-Dopa, which is a scientific precursor to the production of the neurotransmitter Dopamine in the body. This is a chemical that controls our happiness, and as such is responsible for making us enjoy activities such as sex, eating, and other pleasurable things.

Both of these chemicals, Drilizen and Solidilin can play a role in increasing penis size as well as increasing the way in which men are able to enjoy their sexual lives. By working on both the physical and psychological aspects of sexuality, these substances work together with the many other effective ingredients in products like ProSolution Pills and VolumePills to provide men with the kind of sexual pleasure they want, as well as helping to increase penis size during erection.

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